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BerryCloud RPI VM

download+  595px-OwnCloud2-Logo.svg = BerryCloud

The BerryCloud server is pre-configured and will be installed from scripts. At every fresh install it pulls the latest scripts, and the only thing you have to do is login via a monitor or SSH. Webmin is also pre-installed for easier administration of your server.

Download it now: BerryCloud

Last updated: 2016-04-02. Version 1.2



First it’s important, if you want to be able to access BerryCloud outside of your home network, to forward the port 443 to your machine. You can do so via this guide. (This is needed to successfully install Lets Encrypt)

1. Unpack the image

2. Write .img to sdcard:

3. Insert and boot your RaspberryPI with the newly made SDcard.

4. Login with ocadmin///owncloud (Connected to monitor with keyboard or SSH)

5. Follow the instructions (The device will reboot a couple of times, don’t worry about that. Just keep loggin in after reboot)

Frequently asked questions.

Github Wiki

Minimal requirements:
  • 8 gb HC class 1 Micro SDCard (16+ is recommended) 4 gb will do if you want to use an external HD, please use an additional power supply to power the drive.)
  • 2A 5V power supply
  • RaspberryPI2
  • Keyboard / HDMI cable / Monitor (You can also use SSH, if you know the LAN IP)
  • Wired connection to internet (wireless will be an option later on)
Recommended requirements:
  • 8+ GB HC class 1 Micro SDCard
  • Powered USB HUB that doesn’t send current back to the RaspberryPI like this one.
  • SSD, capacity to your needs. (connect via USB HUB)
  • 2A 5V power supply for RaspberryPI2, 2.5A 5V for RaspberryPI3 (RPI3 not tested yet, config files are wrong, will be updated asap)
  • Keyboard / HDMI cable / Monitor (You can also use SSH, if you know the LAN IP)
  • Wired connection to internet
  • 3x heatsinks (Heatsinks, fan + case go for around 5 dollar on the internet, just google it)
  • Fan 5v 0.xA



Use Cloudflare to protect your site, read more about it here.

Install ownCloud and host your own private cloud. Download  the pre-configured ownCloud VM today!

Make daily backups of your system, grab the Rsync backup script.

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