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Finally we can announce the release of BerryCloud! We have been very busy scripting, tweaking and testing the last couple of months and now its here, your own RaspberryPI ownCloud server. Its all automated, just like our virtual machines.

As some of you might know we where in the run for the ownCloud & Western Digital collaboration. This was a project designed to get safe cloud storage to everyone, on a low powered device, the RaspberryPI. Some of the requirements where that it had to work right away and the user did not had to do anything, some performance and update requirements. Now we did came a long way, meeting up to every demand, the Ubuntu Snappy Core build got chosen to be the base OS. One of the reasons was because its easier to maintain because it is in a repository.

Now this did not stop us to finish this project, at all! We have supported the development of the Ubuntu Snappy Core and at the same time finished ours.

You can download it here!

The build includes:

  • Base OS: Ubuntu Core 15.10 with apt-get package manager
  • Redis, PHP 7.0, Fail2Ban, Apache2, ClamAV, LVM2, Webmin, MySql and LibreOffice Writer
  • Possibility to use an external USB device as ROOT partition, BOOT stays on the Micro SDCard
  • 2 GB swap file / 2 GB swap partition
  • OCIPV6 ownCloud app enabled, handles free DynDns, upnp router forwarding look here.
  • DDClient dyndns for larger commercial orgs like: DynDns, EasyDNS etc.
  • Lets Encrypt free SSL certificates.
  • Safely overclocked with settings that do not void your RaspberryPI warranty!

If you encounter any issues please use the issue tracker.

Github Wiki.


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Install ownCloud and host your own private cloud. Download  the pre-configured ownCloud VM today!

Make daily backups of your system, grab the Rsync backup script.