A few days ago we got a request. The request was to do the server setup for Access Manager on a VM, and so we did.

Access Manager is a Codeigniter Laravel (PHP Framework) based FREE Hotspot Management System. It works in congestion with Freeradius and MySQL. And provides you with a complete prepaid subscriber management system and a single GUI Admin Panel to manage all your subscriber accounts, bandwidth policies, service plans, routers etc. And gives your subscribers with a self care portal, where they can recharge their account online or using PIN, change password, view recharge history and session history. It’s perfect for setting up a hotspot on your office, café or just a public WIFI that you want to share as a hotspot.

Now we need beta-testers to test it, as we don’t have a Mikrotek router ourself. The VM is pre-configured until this step, and the only thing you have to do by yourself is to set up the router and test it.

Ubuntu 14.04 Pre-configured Access Manager VM

Last updated: 2015-06-17

Please give us feedback so that we can improve this appliance. If everything goes well, we will develop this project further.