tech and me VMBack in 2014 we noticed the need for an easy way to install ownCloud without having any technical skills. That’s why we made this .vmdk (Virtual Machine) and distributed it in the ownCloud community so that more people could get their data secured. With this appliance and the clients provided on ownClouds website you will get a fully functional cloud, hosted on your own server, or regular computer.

Control your own data

#DropDropbox and control your own data instead! To make this as simple as possible, we made a pre-configured machine that you just mount and boot up – ready to use directly after it’s downloaded, everything is pre-configured. We’ve got very positive feedback from several users around the world since we published it for the first time. We think it feels good to be able to help others with the same things we struggled with in the past – installation when we wanted to try ownCloud for the first time.

Production server

Ubuntu 16.04, 20 GB: Pre-installed ownCloud (PHP 7)

Ubuntu 16.04, 500 GB: Pre-Installed ownCloud (PHP 7)
Ubuntu 16.04, 1 TB: Pre-Installed ownCloud (PHP 7)
Microsoft Hyper-V: Pre-installed ownCloud (PHP 7)

Last updated: 2017-04-23. Version 9.1.5 (updates automatically on first run)
A complete list of configuration can be found here.


Ubuntu 14.04: ownCloud built from scripts (PHP 7)

Version 9.1.4RC2
This version downloads the latest beta scripts from GitHub and builds it automatically. You can find the scripts here. Feel free to contribute! We don’t maintain this as frequently as the main VM, so there might be issues.


  1. Extract the RAR package “”
  2. Mount the .vmdk in VMware (PC & Linux users) or VirtualBox (Mac users)
  3. Login and become root in Ubuntu Server.
    [sudo] password for ocadmin: owncloud
  4. Run the script to do the final setup.
  5. Enjoy your ownCloud installation!

Never done this before?

We wrote a complete installation guide that you can find here. Please also check the Category: Pre-configured ownCloud for more information.

Do you want to run this on UnRAID?

Here is a great guide, done by one of the users of this VM. Check it out!

20 GB is to small?

The VM is 20 GB when it’s extracted, and if you think that isn’t enough we made a guide on how to extend your VM to make it larger.

The Startup script (production) will
  • Upgrade your system to latest version, including ownCloud
  • Generate new SSH host keys on the server
  • Generate new MySQL password
  • Enable a real SSL cert via Let’s Encrypt
  • Install phpMyadmin and make it secure
  • Activate a Virtual Host in Apache, pre-configured for ownCloud
  • Set secure permissions to ownCloud
  • Set new keyboard layout
  • Change password for Ubuntu
  • Change password for ownCloud
  • Change timezone
  • Set your IP to Trusted Domian in config.php
  • Install Webmin, and zip to be able to use Webmin properly.
  • Install SMB-client to be able to mount external SMB storage.
  • Set static IP to the system (you still have to change it in your router)
  • Cleanup the system from unnecessary files.
How to mount the VM and run the startup-script:


To access Webmin just go to:


…and login.

Spread the word further

Sharing is caring, so feel free to distribute this further. We would really appreciate if you share this on any social media, or link this site on any blog or forum.

Manual installation guide

You can also try to install it yourself by following the manual installation guide.

A video that DESCRIBES some FEATURES in owncloud:


Use NetDrive if you have limited storage on your client computer.

Say Hello World! Publish your server online.