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Nextcloud 11 is around the corner, and we are ready!

A few weeks back we moved from ownCloud to Nextcloud. So far so good, but we were a bit nervous….

We migrated to Nextcloud 10.0.1

When Nextcloud first were announced we didn’t really know what to do. Should we stay with ownCloud that had worked…

Nextcloud update is now FULLY automated

Are you used to apt-get updates with ownCloud but hesitated to make the switch to Nextcloud because Nextcloud doesn’t provide…

Complete install instructions Nextcloud

If you never ever tried this before we made a step-by step guide that you can follow. Please contact us…

Machine Setup Nextcloud

Machine setup for the Nextcloud VM Size when extracted: 20 GB (pre-allocated for better performance) Can be extended 2 GB…

Nextcloud VM

The Nextcloud VM (Virtual Machine) is based on the ownCloud VM that we have provided since 2014. The main difference this time is…

Tech and Me will provide the offical VM for Nextcloud

Well, much has happened these last couple of days to say the least. Our new ESXi server is up and…

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