In one of the previous articles, we’ve already told you about automated ONLYOFFICE installation on ownCloud. As promised, ONLYOFFICE developers have released the script for Nextcloud as well.

If you are new to Nextcloud or wish to test ONLYOFFICE capabilities before applying it to your production server, you can install Nextcloud integrated with ONLYOFFICE Document Server all at once using Docker Compose. It’s quick and effortless.

Follow these brief instructions that will help you manage the installation.

Step 1. You will need installed Docker and Docker Compose, that will perform the installation automatically and connect both applications – ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud – together.

Step 2. Get the docker-onlyoffice-owncloud repository running the following commands:

git clone --recursive

cd docker-onlyoffice-owncloud

git submodule update --remote

Step 3. Open the docker-compose.yml file with any text editor available (we use nano) and change the image: owncloud:fpm line. This step is important, as ownCloud configuration is chosen by default in this repository:

nano docker-compose.yml

image: nextcloud:fpm

Step 4. Run Docker Compose:

docker-compose up -d

Step 5. Enter your web server address in the browser address bar to open the Nextcloud setup page and create your admin account.

Step 6. Go back to the downloaded folder and run the script:


Step 7. Refresh the web page and start editing your text documents, spreadsheets or presentations using the Open in ONLYOFFICE option.