cloudflare-logoBackground story

Our online-era started with publishing our ownCloud server to the public www. That was the first step towards becoming “Tech and Me”. We didn’t want to publish a website on port 80 for security reasons. Or, we didn’t want to get hacked or DDOS’ed that easily. Our ownCloud was kind of private, but a website would mean exposure to the whole world.

we found cloudflare

So we didn’t dare to, until we found Cloudflare.

Cloudflare acts as a proxy and protects your public IP. Cloudflare takes care of the DNS for you, and comes with a ton of tweaks and security stuff. It’s easy to deploy, and sets up automatically.


We really recommend Cloudflare if you host a website. Here is a video that describes Cloudflare pretty well.  Enjoy!




Update your Nginx config with the latest IP ranges from Cloudflare