Have you ever been thinking that you really should document the stuff you do better? Maybe you thought “Naah, I’ll remember”, and two years later you realize that you didn’t? Well, in any case it’s always good to properly document what you do. A while a go we found Documize to do exactly that for us.

Documize, what?

Documize is a sleek, easy to use and maintain documentation system which is open-source and possible to host on your own server. It’s installed with a downloadable binary file so it’s very easy to handle and maintain. No dependencies needed. Simply put up a VM (we use Alpine Linux), install and create a database, then just download the binary and run it. If all software were that easy to use, sysadmins would be out of their jobs.

Ldap integrated

Recently they integrated native LDAP so that you can connect it with your existing Active Directory. We were beta testers and early adopters. It works very well and we have already proposed improvements to make it even better. The response you get in the community is just awesome.

Try it!

If you haven’t already tried it out already, you should. It’s running on Linux, Windows and MacOS so there is really no excuse not to try it. ;) There are several options if you want the premium features and support, but they also have a community version which you can try out. Either way, you will be amazed.

This post is not sponsored by Documize, we just love it that’s all. :)