facebookJust discovered a new app in the app store – Facebook Sync. We always missed that option before, and what we mean by that is to be able to sync your ownCloud contacts with Facebook so that you get nice photos of everyone in your phone. It also syncs birthdays if you want, so that you never miss a birthday again. No excuses now. ;)

When we first tested it, it had some bugs. Not showing pictures correctly, and some other minor things we thought could be enhanced. So we did like we always do, created an issue on GitHub. The developer was very fast with responding and fixed the issues in just one day! When we tested the app for the second time, there was no issues at all, and the app works great with ownCloud server 8.2.2 even though it’s still in “experimental mode”.

If you miss syncing photos with your address book in ownCloud, now is the time to solve that. Download the app in the appstore, or directly inside your ownCloud. Remember to activate “Experimental apps” first. If you find any bugs, don’t hesitate to ask the dev on GitHub, he will help you.



Pro tip

Install Redis Cache on PHP 7 with ownCloud or WordPress.