mailWe previously wrote about how to setup Roundcube in ownCloud and how to let ownCloud handle all your emails in-house. Now, ownCloud has taken a big step forward and is introducing the first release of ownCloud Mail. The code is written by the ownCloud developers themselves, so everything is working like a charm! Make it happen, let ownCloud act as webmail.



Join the development

The app is really good, and even though it’s just released, everything is working as expected and the code quality is very good. The app is under heavy development, and if you want to join –  please help out reporting bugs, and come up with ideas in how it could be improved. To do that, just follow this link, and don’t forget to follow the contribution guidelines.

Here is how to make it happen:

Requires server 7.0.4, but server at least 8.0 is recommended.

  1. Activate the app in the ownCloud Apps GUI


  2. Click on the Mail icon/app in ownCloud
  3. Set you credentials and login.

step 5

Pro tip

Check out the pre-configured ownCloud VM. Just download and mount. Voila, you have your own server.