This is my first post from I’ve been thinking about changing domain name for a while now, and when Ezra Holm sent me an email, asking if we could collaborate, I got inspired and changed it. So now this site is hosted at instead. There will be even more tutorials, videos, and VMs and we will make an even more serious site out of it. Thank you all for hanging around, it’s been fun to serve you with guides and VMs and I’ve got a lot of nice feedback from you. That’s very appreciated! Now the Tech and Me era continues, but with a much better domain name than before. :)

It’s been a while

It’s been almost 3 years since I started out with ownCloud and Linux. Back then I hadn’t even touched a Linux machine, I was a sole Windows user. But as you may know by now, I got tired of Dropbox because they owned my files, so I decided to build my own server. That’s how it all started. In my previous post, I wrote about why I decided to make an ownCloud VM, and back then I didn’t know how to distribute it, and I didn’t feel confident with having a server at home that was “open” to the public internet. But I found Cloudflare. That’s when I decided to go live in a full scale, with both this blog and my own cloud.

Both sites are up

I will keep both sites up for some time, until the rankings and links are as they were on I figure that it will take a while. Anyway, I have to update this site as well with all the links, and really make sure that everything is working before I do a permanent 301 redirect. Right now, both sites are running simultaneously to be sure that you won’t get a 404 when accessing any of the links that are out there. Please keep in mind that not everything is totally ready on this site yet. All the links may not work either. If you find a failed link, or something that’s wrong – please let me know!

Please send me you feedback about what you think of the new design. Is there anything missing, is it easy to navigate and so on. I want this to be Tech and Me 2.0, not 1.1.

All the best!

Daniel Hansson