Hello happy readers of Tech and Me,

My name is Ezra Holm and I reside in the Netherlands. As of today, I’ve teamed up with Daniel Hansson from en0ch.se (techandme.se) to provide you with even more useful guides and news!

I’ve always been a tech/gadget fanatic. Like Daniel, I was a windows only user. Somewhere in January 2015, after having 3 mediastreamers/servers that didn’t really fit my needs I wanted to build my own.

I got myself some good hardware, and now? After hours of reading reviews, comparisons etc I finally got to Ubuntu server. But, I really did not know how I was going to install stuff on the machine after I managed to get it installed, took me about 3 days! Command line?! Terminal!? I’m sorry, say again?

To make a long story short, I reinstalled my system 4 times in half a year, had Daniel fix some stuff for me over SSH/Teamviewer, reinstalled it 5 times again and then finally got a stable system running my own website, ownCloud, Plex and a lot more! Also by then I figured out the power of a virtual machine.

As you see I love to spend time building systems, configuring them, trying new stuff out. I’m still learning every day because there are so many things to figure out, try out and exploit!

At the end of 2015 I contacted Daniel, asking him if we could work together. The reason for this is because he build an amazing platform for ownCloud, Linux and windows users. Which helped me more then once! I wanted to help other people to get their system up and running aswell, like Daniel did for me! With this I will also improve my own coding/programming skills so its really a win/win situation. If you want to get in contact, Facebook, Twitter or contact me!

Here are some things that I spend time on:
  • Supporting Daniel in the maintenance of techandme.se
  • Posting guides/video guides on techandme.se
  • Creating a pre-configured VM MediaCenter (Plex, headphones, Couchpotato, Sonarr, Sabnzbd etc)
  • Running ownCloud on a Raspberry Pi 2 (Redis & PHP 7) and creating a usable image for other users
  • Maintaining the techandme.se Twitter and Youtube account
  • Maintaining my private server (setting up forums/websites/ownCloud you name it! I’ve tried out a thousand applications)
  • Photoshop/Gimp
  • Learning Linux!
Here is a small indication of what I’m planning to do:

Video & text guide on how to install & configure the following Owncloud apps:

  • Calendar app + Android Sync
  • Contacts app + Android Sync
  • ownNote app + Android Sync (notes app)
  • Conversations chat app (simple chat app)
  • News app
  • Spreedme Webrtc (chat, voip, video call, file sharing, screen sharing, encrypted)
  • OcDownloader + Firefox/Chrome extension (download urls http/ftp/torrents/youtube)
  • OcPassman app (encrypted password storage)
  • Email app(Rainloop)
  • Music app
  • Bookmarks app+ chrome extension + any browsers bookmark button
  • Logreader app
  • External sites (iframe sites in your owncloud, if allowed by external site)
  • Agree Disclaimer app
  • + More to come!

This to help all of you, who have trouble getting things done on owncloud because your new to owncloud or Linux or to just save hours searching Google.

Also I will make a mediacenter VM with the following installed:
  • SABNZBD+ (usenet downloader)
  • Transmission (torrent downloader)
  • Couchpotato (PVR movies)
  • Headphones (music)
  • Sonarr (PVR series)
  • Webmin (system maintenance on headless OS)
  • Plex (media server, organizer, metadata downloader)
  • Lets Encrypt

This is just a small indication of what is to come in 2016!




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