1553568_10152723202521273_4758682314561296453_oMe, myself and I – Daniel Hansson. I’m born 11 september, a date that’s hard to forget for obvious reasons – not just my birthday.  My life started 1985, which means that I’m 30 years old.

I’ve lived all over Sweden. Some examples are Trelleborg (where I’m born), Stockholm, Västerås, and the furthest to the north I’ve lived is Edefors which is a village with around 25 people. Yay.

In my career I’ve mostly worked with sales. I also had my own sales company with five employees. I started in 2008 and sold it 2011. Right now I’m working at an insurance company called Trygg Hansa, which is one of the largest insurance companies in Sweden.

I’m happily married, and her name is Kelly Hansson. We met in September 2008, and we have been together since then.

My passion in life is Information technology

A wide area I know. But by IT I mean building servers and computers and also automate stuff so that I don’t have to do things myself. Because that’s what computers are for, making our life easier. Recently I worked on a project were I built a server from scratch (bought parts and put it together) and right now it’s hosting 10 domains and one cloud server with around 25 users. I never worked with computers and development professionally, but I’m really good in what I do.

Whats up?

Right now all my spare time goes to helping others with their IT-related issues, and to be admin for some of the servers I’ve built in the past. I’m also one of the official providers of ownCloud cloud images, and above that I’m the author of this thread on one the biggest IT-forums in Sweden.

I’m happy to help, and I’ve got great response from around the world when helping out with different issues. One thing I’m especially happy about is that the pre-configured ownCloud VM. From being just a little project with a few downloads per month, until today with several downloads from around the world per day. I’m also involved in different projects regarding IT and the web, and is always looking for new ones.


What about the future then? Well, right now I’m just curious to see how this site develops and how many requests I get. It’s been online since 11 January 2015 and the the flow of visitors is growing day by day.

So, that’s a brief description about me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you’re interested in what I do.

Thank you for reading.

Daniel Hansson