We just updated the ownCloud VM to the new version – 8.2.1. This is a maintenance release with a lot of fixes. As you may know from the previous release we chose to include Redis Cache Server as well. We got great response from all around the world because of that, and we’re really glad that we can help out all of you guys around the world that wants to protect your own data. Keep it safe, use ownCloud!

Changelog 8.2.1

  • Sharing improvements:
    • Show path to file in error message about sharing with owner
    • Replaced error numbers with details in the sharing error message
    • Fix pagination on public link share page
    • Deal with NoUserException in sharing code
    • Fix cannot change share info after switching sections
    • Fix changing expiration date of shared link breaks password
    • Various other fixes
  • Performance improvements:
    • Optimize multiple shared locks for a single process
    • Don’t lock if we’re only reading cache metadata
    • Escape like parameter in cache operations
  • Storage improvements:
    • Improve dealing with Dropbox and Google Drive
    • Moving files makes them disappear (SWIFT object store)
    • Transactional file locking database backend warning is only shown when there is another warning.
    • Don’t lock /$user/files
    • Include the final update in the transaction when moving a folder in the cache
    • WebDAV MOVE on a non existing file results in Internal Server Error #20069
    • Catch all exception if table doesn’t exist #19884 #19893
    • Various other objectstore fixes
  • Usability and UI:
    • Made error message about file not found more specific in federated sharing
    • Improved CSS, fonts, text color on various buttons, login screen, menu and settings
    • Hide strength indication after password change and hide notifications after time-out or on delete
    • Fixes to inconsistent language and translation support, show language code for unknown languages
    • Fix icons for share/public folders, fix spinner positions in share tab
    • Close user menu when clicking on other menus
    • Sidebar fixes and hiding sidebar for trashbin view
    • Move alt text for favorite action to image
    • Sidebar should not open, when renaming a file on mobile
    • Do not register sidebar panels when no sidebar
    • Update process: state which step we are going to start and warn if it might be slow
  • User Management and LDAP fixes:
    • LDAP fixes for quota, user mapper, initial user creation and connectivity
    • Fix group admin settings, group assignment when group name is a number
    • Enable proper CardDAV cookie authentication
  • Documentation, reliability and stability fixes:
    • Expose syslog tag in the configuration
    • Update list of deprecated methods (documentation)
    • Fixes to text editor
    • Fixes to activity app
    • Create several repair steps in update process to clean up shares
    • Update certificate bundle
    • Fix multiple issues for IE 8 and 9
    • Memcache warning with memcached
    • Fix File versioning with encryption
    • Update the unencrypted size for versions
    • Fix mtime PROPPATCH to be “lastmodified” instead of “getlastmodified”
    • Make sure that remote shares use the correct uid casing
    • Variables don’t have a class, so we can’t use toString() on it
    • Use IRequest’s `getScriptName` functionality instead of $_SERVER
    • Don’t trigger the scroll event of every single item we filter in the file list
IMPROVEMENTS on the VM itself

Except the great work that ownCloud did to ownCloud itself, we also updated the scripts and the procedure of running the script. As many users complained about the Swedish keyboard setup, and had trouble with typing the – sign, we removed that step. Now you automatically get prompted with the sudo -i command, and the only thing you have to do is write the password (owncloud) to start the script. We hope that this makes things easier for you guys.

We also updated the landing page a bit, including access info to both Webmin and phpMyadmin, mostly to make it clear that both of them are included in this VM.

Other than that, we made some tweaks in the setup script, and it now installs all the cifs-utils directly on setup. Some users had issues with external storage, and we hope that the issues will be solved with this fix.

We hope you enjoy the new release, please let us know if there are anything you think we can improve even more, or if there are somethings that’s not working as expected. You can reach us by sending an email 24/7, and we’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

Grab the latest release here!


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