Every year ownCloud hosts a conference for contributors, developers and community members – or really everyone that wants to come are welcome. I finally got the chance to attend this year and it has been really nice to meet everyone in person that I just talked with on GitHub and IRC for the last couple of years.


Arrived late

I arrived a bit late because I missed my flight due to that Norwegian changed the gate without any notice. Shame on you Norwegian. Anyway,  I managed to buy a new ticket and I arrived 1 day later. Better one day late than never, because I wouldn’t miss this for the world.


There has been a lot of hacking going on and the community VM has got some love. There has been a new release of the desktop client and the mail app during the conference, and there have been meetings and workshops about all sorts of things. I.e we had a meeting about the contacts and calendar app that resulted in that the developers will try to get the rework branch fixed and included in server version 9.0. That’s very good news! In general, a lot of bugs were reported and fixed – and the meetings were very productive.

Some fun

Of course, we couldn’t hack all day, even if ownCloud never rests. Some of us went to eat dinner when the conference day was over. The food was great and the beer as well. Berlin has a lot of great places, and last night we went to a place where they had table soccer. @jancborchardt obviously had done this before… :)CN2YOnTVEAAkYM5

Next year

This was my first time to attend, and it got me even more inspired to come next year as well. If you are a fan of ownCloud, or if you are interested in what ownCloud is – then I really think you should come! It has been such great days (even though I was a bit tired because I had trouble sleeping due to the hot weather and hotel room) and I even learnt a bit more about HTML and CSS – thanks @jospoortvliet and @jancborchardt for that. People at ownCloud are so helpful and make you feel welcome. The more contributes the better ownCloud becomes, and don´t we all want ownCloud to keep being the best?

Thank you everyone, see you again next year.

Daniel Hansson


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